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Welcome to Singles Dating!  We now have several years of experience in online dating and have rated and analyzed the top online dating sites using critical factors including active membership size,  satisfaction rankings from members, and referral rates to the sites (compiled through submissions – see our site submission form.  This helps make certain  we are listing only the best quality online dating sites here at singles dating  Additionally,  we look at usability factor such as loading speed, navigation, member searching flexibility and site features, and the general aesthetics of the site.  Websites should make it easy to find what you are searching for.  Why deal with frustration and difficulties when  you are searching for love.

We strive to be independent, but what does this mean in action, and in practice?  It means that we evaluate and look at these in a non biased and subjective manner and importantly, link to all of the best sites whether we personally know the site owners or not.  Our focus is in search of the very best singles dating sites.  Because we are independent, this also means we are not managing any dating sites at all, just our review site.  Many review sites will push one dating property owned by third parties because of their affiliation, and some of the dating companies then set policy on the review sites.

We would like to hear from you, so please send us any feedback you have about our site and our search to list the top dating sites. Is the site helpful to you? How can we improve it?  Inform us of your thoughts on this subject through leaving a comment  or sending us email at