Four Safety Rules for Singles Dating Sites

Safety Rules for Singles Dating WebsitesSingles dating sites can be a great way to meet new people but it does come with some danger if you are not careful about the way you go about meeting your matches.


Unfortunately, not everyone who is on singles dating sites is simply looking for a partner.  Some are actually predators that tell you what you want to hear, claim to have the same thoughts and value systems just so that they can exploit you and others.


This is why it is important to know what you should and should not do on an singles dating site and how to protect yourself.  The following are four safety guidelines when using an online dating website:

  1. Use a Separate Email – You can have as many email accounts as you want and that you can keep up with. It is always suggested that you use a separate email for the purpose of online dating so you do not have to fear someone cyber stalking you.  There are ways that hackers can get into your email account and find information about you such as your address.  When you set up this new email account, do not fill in any of those fields such as phone number and address so even if your email is hacked, they are not getting any sensitive personal information.  Never give out any other email address to a person who you have met online that you do not yet trust or who you have not met.
  2. Never Divulge Financial Information – Most of those who are attempting to exploit another person are doing it for financial gain.  They are looking for what they deem to be a lonely person who they can charm and woo and who will eventually open their wallets and bank accounts.  These people seem genuine but all they are is scam artists.  They put on a fake face to you in order to gain your trust and once they have it, they start telling you all their sob stories to get you to offer them money.  Most of the time you are not even asked for anything, but because you are a good person you offer it.  To keep this from being an issue, never divulge your financial information to someone until you are absolutely sure they are genuine.
  3. Never Give out Your Home Address or Telephone Number – You should never list your home address or telephone number on an online dating website.  This allows those who are looking to commit crimes on your home or you easy access.  They can go to your house when they know you are at work and rob you or they can come by your house when you are home and hurt you.  Keep things general when they ask where you live.  You can tell them you live in the Southwest part of the city or in a certain district.  This way if someone is genuine, you still know if you live in the same area without revealing your exact location.  It is possible to stay safe and still offer some bits of information about yourself if you simply are a vague and not specific about your location.
  4. Always Meet in Public – This is probably one of the most important of all the safety guidelines because of the nature of singles dating.  Eventually you will want to meet your match so you can see if there are sparks in person as well as online and on the phone.  It is absolutely a bad idea to have them meet you at your house.  This goes along with not giving out your address to anyone online.  Choose a spot that is close to both your locations and have dinner or coffee when you meet.  You can go out to clubs and do others things as well but keep it all on the surface and never take someone home who you have just met.  This cannot be stressed enough, there is the thought that “I’ve talked to them for so long that I feel I know them, they cannot be bad”.  These same people are the ones who are on the news because they were robbed or worse.

It is very important to protect yourself no matter what your dating situation is.  Even if you meet a person at a bar, the above guidelines are accurate and should be followed.  Keep in mind, these are not just for women, men are preyed upon just as much if not more than the ladies.  This is because ladies tend to expect to be exploited much more than men do.


After all, she has a pretty face and is gorgeous and fun to be with, certainly she’s not out to get me.  But be wary, she is and will get you if you leave yourself open to her by not protecting your home, your money and your heart.

Men are seen to be much tougher than women so they are not at risk but they are if not more so because of this.  A woman can leech a man’s bank account just as easily, if not more so, than a man can leech a woman’s.  There are few men who can stand to see a woman cry and if he cares about her, he will do what he can to help her.  This is why both men and women should protect themselves at all times when using an singles dating site to find love.

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