Most people are pretty stressed out about dating and why not? Dating can be uncomfortable if you are new to the scene. Even if you are an old pro, dating can be intimidating depending on the circumstances. Even the people who have been single and dating for years struggle when they get a date from hell or an awkward situation to deal with. Every bit of help and advice you can find to make things easier is a good thing. Dating does not have to be a negative experience and you can even make the vast majority of your dates enjoyable. It is all about preparation and execution. Here are five easy dating tips for singles that will help to ensure your dates are usually home runs:

Commit to a better screening process

Perhaps no other single thing can ensure you a better percentage of good dates than this. It is amazing how people go out on dates with people they know nothing about and then complain about how they had a bad time. Not only is this dangerous, it is fairly ignorant. Find out about whom you are dating and get to know them a little for a change. This is one thing that we can take a tip from the old timers with…take some time to get to know someone.

The world today is full of all kinds of dangers that you simply can’t ignore. If you are going to play Russian roulette with your dates, then you will eventually get burned. Instead, you really should give yourself a specific amount of time getting to know people in a laid back setting. You will have much better (and safer) dates if you do.


Consider dating that “friend”


The story is a familiar one; boy meets girl and falls in love but girl thinks of him as only a friend. Eventually, girl realizes that boy is pretty awesome dating material but boy is already spoken for. Pain and tears ensue from there and suddenly Nicholas Sparks writes a movie about it. You really should consider that special friend and make certain they are not more. Those are the best kinds of relationships in the world.


Remember that honesty will keep you stress-free


Occasionally you will have to tell a white lie or two. Everybody knows that and most everybody gets that. The truth is, however, that even the white lies are dangerous. Consider for a moment the following scenario:


You meet a blind date for the first time and they are not your type in every single way. They eventually pick up on that vibe and ask you if you are attracted to them. You say no. They ask why not and you give them the typical, “It’s not you, it’s me” thing. What happens from there?

They walk away thinking they might have a chance down the road. You get unwanted phone calls which leads to more lies and eventual anger and heartbreak from the poor dolt.
Why not simply say, “I am not attracted to men with back hair that is longer than my head hair” or whatever the problem may be? You will have a moment of discomfort but no further contact after that. Which one sounds easier?

Open your mind to the online dating world

Most singles don’t even realize the incredible opportunities to weed out the bad matches that exist online. If you really want to streamline your dating pool and find the best of what is out there for you, then you should investigate online dating in all of its glory. They have online dating sites now for everyone and everything. The best part of this is that you can literally see what people like and dislike. The best online sites actually pair up and suggest dates that have similar characteristics.

In the world of dating, every single bit of help you can get is appreciated. Why not let the online world of dating help you narrow the search a little? The expense is very negligible and you can save a great deal of insanity by ruling out certain sectors of your dating world. Why date a smoker when you don’t have to? Why go out with someone that loves cats when you know that you are allergic? The online world makes things so much easier if you let it work for you. Give it a shot!

Never forget to consider what someone ultimately is looking for


It is amazing to me how people skip right over this vital part of any dating situation. If you want to go out with someone, but you know they are not looking for a relationship, you need to make sure you are looking for that same thing. Many people take a situation like that and assume that they can change the person or make them into what they want. This is a sure-fire way to ruin a date. If you know you are on different paths, move on to someone who shares yours. Changing someone is never a good thing on the road to true happiness.

These are only a few of the many dating tips that are out there to ease your dating stress. If you are dating often, using these tips will help you a great deal. The key is to look a bit closer at who you decide to date and using logic to decide who fits and who does not. Dating does not have to be stressful as we add most of the anxiety to our own situations.