Online dating sites make it easy for singles to meet other singles who are searching for the same things in a relationship. It’s a fun and exciting way to meet new people and to get to know them better. Many people have met their husband or wife through an online dating site and many others have dated and had a lot of great times together.

After meeting someone and becoming online friends, many couples decide that it’s time to meet in person. When this happens you start making plans for that first date. Even if you know each other well online, it’s still going to be strange meeting in person for the first time.

This is where your relationship takes on the form of traditional dating and most people are very nervous to finally see the person they have been talking to online, in the flesh. On top of being so nervous, you worry about what you’re going to talk about. You want to make a good impression so you don’t want that awkward silence that often creeps up on the first date ruining the moment.

What do you do? Is there any way to ensure the date goes smoothly? How do you break that awkward silence on the first date if it does become a problem? Here are a few tips that can help.

Relax and Be Yourself

The first thing that you need to do is relax and just be yourself. If you’ve been honest online, you’ve got nothing to worry about. He or she obviously likes you just the way you are or they would not have agreed to meet you to begin with. In addition, they are probably just as nervous and worried as you are.

If you over think things it will make it more difficult to have a nice date. Just think about some of the things that you talk about when you’re communicating online. Then pick out some of the easiest topics that you discuss and bring them up if you reach a point during the night when that awkward type of silence creeps in.

Start Out Simple

Just because you’re meeting in person doesn’t mean that you have to complicate things. Start the night out with simple conversation. After the greeting you can talk about what foods you want to try if you decided to meet for dinner, which is always a good choice for a first date. After the food is ordered, talk about your job in more detail or even the weather just to break the ice. You can also talk about a movie that you really liked or your favorite TV show.

Don’t try to be too clever and come up with something dramatic. This is your first date, it’s not necessary. All you need to do now is to be polite, friendly and respectful. You’ve already made a good impression on the person or you would not have gotten this far, so just relax.

Be a Good Listener

Not only do you need to find things to talk about but you also need to be a good listener. Don’t interrupt your date when he or she is talking and don’t change the subject in the middle of a conversation. These things are considered rude but some people do it without thinking simply because they’re nervous. If you have a tendency of doing this, at least apologize for interrupting and you can even mention that you tend to ramble when you’re nervous. Who knows, it might give you another topic to discuss.

What Not To Say

Just as there are certain things that you should do and say, there are some things that you should not say. If you say the wrong things it can create the awkward silence that you’re trying so hard to avoid. Therefore, you need to know what not to say when you’re on your first date.

While making a few jokes can lighten the mood, don’t try to be too funny. This could be taken the wrong way, like you think the date is a joke or it could make your date even more uncomfortable. They may enjoy your jokes in private when you’re taking online but they may not find the same things so funny when you’re in public.

It’s also recommended that you reframe from talking about politics, ex-partners, anything sexual or any tragic events that occurred during your life on the first date. These are all topics that are very controversial, sad or upsetting. They are not something that you should ever try to discuss the first time you meet someone in person even if you have been communicating online.


Just about everyone is nervous on their first date and worried about what to talk about. No one wants to deal with that awkward silence that happens so often and most everyone is afraid of messing up or saying the wrong thing. It’s a natural reaction. This is something that you’ve been anticipating for awhile, it’s natural to be nervous. However, if you can just relax and be yourself, everything should be just fine.