Choosing the Best Singles Dating Sites for You

So, you’ve decided to try the wonderful world of online dating by joining one of the singles dating sites. That’s great, as many people who have used online dating services before have found fulfilling relationships. In fact, statistics show that more and more singles are going online in search of romance and they are checking out singles dating sites in record numbers. ¬†What once was considered a taboo is now one of the most accepted and successful ways to meet new people.

Now, I am assuming your goal is to meet new people. I mean, there are many reasons to go onto an online dating site, but for most people it is to find some type of relationship. If this description fits you, it then begs the question: Which online sites give you the best chance at finding the relationship you seek? Well, there are a number of ways to determine this, but you first need to keep in mind one all-encompassing idea: be realistic.

Singles Dating Sites

Today singles dating sites offer many ways to be successful in finding a partner through online dating, but you do need to be honest about not only what you want, but who you are. After all, it doesn’t makes sense to invest time and possibly money into finding a relationship only to learn that it isn’t what you want or that it doesn’t fit you. This is not a knock against you or a suggestion that you are somehow inferior, only a reminder that self-honesty is a prerequisite to successful online dating. Don’t forget, online dating poses unique challenges – ones that can tempt you into a counter-productive world of fantasy.

There you are, sitting safe and comfortable in your own home, checking out hundreds of different guys or girls, but none of the usual worries or constraints of time, distractions, or self-consciousness are there. In effect, you start to feel like you can simple pick and choose whomever you want. While this is somewhat true, it can also lead to being overly idealistic, which makes success that much harder. By being realistic about your wants and yourself, you can better choose which dating site gives you the best chance of finding what you truly seek. So, what type of relationship are you honestly after?

Types of dating relationships for singles

First, let it be known that many sites will ask you what type of relationship you seek. This eliminates those groups of people who aren’t seeking the same type and thus increases your chances of success. However, some sites are geared more toward one type of relationship than others, so while you can go to a high end site looking for a one night stand, you chances of finding it aren’t as good as if you were to go to a site that specifically caters to that type of relationship. This is to say that you shouldn’t feel pressure thinking there’s only one site out there for you. You just need to find the ones that are better suited for your relationship goals.


If you are looking to find a husband or wife through an online site then you’ll definitely need to do research first. This is not to say that most sites are devoted to booty calls, but it is to say that there are many sites with a casual and carnal approach to introducing people. It’s assumed that if you want to find someone to spend the rest of your life with, you’ll want a site that provides a comprehensive screening, which can include a background check.

Now, a background check may not be necessary for your spousal search, but the idea is to find a site that requires more than just a few profile pics. That said, know that the sites with reputations for being thorough are often the ones which require a subscription. These subscriptions can range anywhere from $30 to over $100.

Serious relationship

If you are looking for a serious (but not too serious) relationship then you have more sites to choose from. That is, if you are looking for a good relationship that’s not necessarily marriage bound then you’ll need to consider nearly all of the dating sites as they all cater to this demographic.

This means determining which sites seem to have the people most like you or what the kind of person you are after. This extra research should include not only exploring the site to see what kind of people are on it, but also reading the various online dating forums.

Casual encounter

The last general category is for those seeking a casual encounter. Now, there are degrees of casual encounters, which means that some sites offer them more exclusively and aggressively than others. This can mean the difference between finding someone to enjoy an ongoing physical relationship with or a more specific relationship type (read: deviant). Like the other types of relationships though, you’ll need to review a few sites until you find one that offers you the best opportunity to get what you want.


With all this talk of research, it brings up another factor you need to consider when trying to determine which site is for you: investment. This means not only how much time you are willing to invest in a site, but also how much money.


As stated earlier, there are numerous sites that have subscription fees. Now, how they charge is important because some require a greater financial investment than others. Most of these pay for sites have a recurring monthly charge, but some of them also have an initial fee. In addition, some sites will simply renew a subscription without consent (you agree to this as part during the initial sign up), while others will require you to agree to a definitive enrollment time in order to charge you the complete amount up front. Obviously, all of this needs to be taken into consideration when choosing an online dating site. It is recommended though, that if you are new to online dating that you don’t invest too heavily in any one site until you know it is the site for you.

These pay for sites are also geared toward a certain demographic. Now while they are not prejudiced to any one group, you’ll find more professionals, career minded, and traditional values people on these sites. Which is not a knock against them, just another thing you need to consider when choosing. If you are looking for more non-traditional people or those that aren’t seeking marriage then you may be better served at another site.


Another consideration when choosing an online dating site is the amount of time you want to invest in the online dating process. Some sites require hours of time just to get your profile up while others allow you to answer a few simple questions and then let you move on to roaming their databases. Again, this ties back to what you are looking for in a relationship. Obviously, if you are looking for something more serious then you will want to put more of yourself out there so that like-minded people can find you. Likewise, if you are looking for something more serious you will want profiles that offer an extensive amount of information so that you can better choose who might be a good candidate for you.

A good way to determine how much time a site will require from you is to look at the profiles. Some sites require demographic info, but little else, while others have profiles that seemingly go on forever. This is all to say, that being realistic and honest about how much time you want to devote to your online dating is necessary if you want to give yourself the best chance for success.